Investment in added value propositions We understand that our clients' deadlines, budgets and results are critical, which is why Oceanic Shipping provides Project Consulting and  Logistics Management Services to support our clients in developing innovative ideas and strategies prior to project kick-off and during the execution phase. Clients rely on the experience and expertise of our consulting teams, because we know that it is our job to identify the best solutions for each project.

When planning an investment in a capital project, figuring out what information to consider is often a challenge. The logistics supply chain plays an important role, but often lacks the attention it deserves until materials have already been procured, and by then it is too late. Our clients rely on Oceanic Shipping to provide accurate and relevant information that supports their decision-making and helps determine how viable their projects are.

Customs clearance adds an often underappreciated value to a supply chain. Even small errors in customs documentation can cause considerable delays and could jeopardize critical delivery deadlines, potentially leading to extra costs due to contract penalties, storage charges, etc.

The Oceanic Shipping Group offers a broad range of experts for any field in the freight forwarding world, from well-trained and skilled employees with international experience in our Oceanic Shipping's Most Promising (DMP) program to project operators or project managers, as well as technical staff and advisors.

Oceanic Shipping frequently provides quarantine consultancy services, including offshore inspections in countries deemed as high-risk, to ensure that all plant and equipment can be imported to the final destination without any quarantine delays, which can impact project milestones and, subsequently, project completion.

Many of the world’s largest industrial projects are remotely located in isolated areas, which often require upgrade work to ensure that local road and rail links can carry regular and oversized loads safely.